On fire for research and a cure!

This diverse group of volunteer patients, physicians, and professionals guides and helps support CARF in fulfilling its mission through fundraising, oversight of its programs and activities, strategic planning, and patient support.

Board of Directors

Rita Wanser

Andrew F. Alexis, MD, MPH

Wlima F. Bergfeld, MD, FACP

Mary E. Clay, MS

Donna C. Coulson, MS, PCC

Jim Heerwagen

Maria K. Hordinsky, MD

Jim O'Connell

Sharon Potter

Ken Washenik, MD, PhD


Victoria Ceh, MPA
Executive Director

Melanie Stancampiano
Associate Executive Director

Carol Kotroczo
Patient Services

Mike Andre
Website Admin

Kimberly Miller
Headquarters Manager

Sue Reed
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper


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CARF is the world's only voice for patients with cicatricial alopecia. We hope you will make a donation to support patients and our research to find better treatments and a cure. CARF needs your contribution and support.

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