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Call For Research Grants

The Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) seeks original, focused, and innovative research grant applications dealing with primary cicatricial alopecia (PCA). Applications will be accepted from laboratories around the world. The proposed project must serve to further CARF's research goals, namely, to understand the pathogenesis of PCA, an understanding that will lead to effective prevention and therapy. CARF will give priority to research proposals based on the following topics. Please see the attached review criteria at the end of the application that reviewers will use to evaluate the applications.

  • Role of lipids and lipid metabolism in normal hair follicle stem cell biology and cycling.
  • Role of PPARs and other lipid regulators in the pathogenesis of PCA
  • Role of peroxisomes in hair follicle biology
  • Role of neuroinflammation in PCA
  • Role of environmental triggers in the pathogenesis of PCA
  • Function of sebaceous glands in normal hair follicle biology
  • Mechanism of hair shaft egress from the terminal hair follicle
  • Hair follicle regeneration in a site of tissue repair
  • Studies that focus on the prevalence, incidence and natural history of disease

GUIDELINES: All applications for grant requests should clearly state research goals, rationale, brief background, and brief experimental protocol. The planned study may not exceed two years in duration. Included in the submission should be a discussion of anticipated results and their potential significance to understanding PCA. Typical awards are $5,000 to $20,000.

A final progress report must be submitted at the end of the funding period. A progress report must be submitted at the end of the first year to obtain a second year no-cost extension. CARF must be acknowledged on all presentations and publications resulting from CARF funded grants.

Applications are reviewed and funded on an annual basis.

Annual application deadline: July 1. Funding decisions made by October 1.

How to Apply:

  • Download application as a PDF or MS Word Doc form.
  • Submit completed application with required components via email to You will receive a return email confirming your submission.


CARF is the world's only voice for patients with cicatricial alopecia and we need your support. Please donate to CARF to support patients around the world impacted by scarring, inflammatory, permanent hair loss.

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