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2017 Cicatricial Alopecia Research Symposium

Plans are underway to organize the next Cicatricial Alopecia Research Symposium in 2017. Research will also be presented at the 2015 World Congress for Hair Research (

2013 7th World Congress for Hair Research

The 7th World Congress for Hair Research took place May 4-6, 2013, in Edinburgh, Scotland and was hosted by the European Hair Research Society. Session took place on many aspects of hair, including cicatricial alopecia. Click for a report of the Congress.

2011 Cicatricial Alopecia Research Symposium

The 2011 Cicatricial Alopecia Research Symposium featured 90 world-class experts presenting the latest research from the scientific community representing academia, industry, and government. Hair biologists, immunologists, dermatologists, environmental toxicologists, and hair-transplant surgeons met in their common pursuit of a deeper understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of cicatricial alopecia. The symposium facilitated the exchange of ideas and information between laboratory and clinical researchers to accelerate the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical applications.

Participants included Pratima Karnik, PhD, NIAMS Director Stephen Katz, MD, PhD, keynote speaker Kevin D. Cooper, MD., panel moderators Thomas McCormick, PhD and Lloyd King, MD, PhD.


  • Inflammatory Alopecia with a Focus on Cicatricial Alopecia: David A Norris, MD
  • UV Radiation and Autoimmune Disease in Women: Frederick W Miller, MD, PhD
  • NK and NKT Cells: Bridging the Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems: John R Ortaldo, PhD
  • Role of Environmental Factors in T Cell Differentiation and in Autoimmune Disease: Francisco J. Quintana, PhD
  • Hair Follicle Immune Privilege and Immune-mediated Attack in PCA: Matt Harries, MB ChB, MRCP (UK)
  • Autoimmune Mechanisms in Cicatricial Alopecia: John E Harris, MD, PhD
  • Disease Presentation and Epidemiology: Paradi Mirmirani, MD & Vera Price MD
  • Clinical Aspects of Cicatricial Alopecia: Vera Price, MD
  • Histopathological Aspects of Cicatricial Alopecia: Len Sperling, MD

Dramatic progress has been made in the field since the last Colloquium. Looking to the future, we hope more new projects will be tackled. Much needs to be done, but the future looks surprisingly bright in regard to a more confident understanding and effective treatment for this long neglected group of hair disorders.

2005 Cicatricial Alopecia Colloquium

On October 17, 2005, the first research colloquium on the primary cicatricial alopecias was held on the NIH Campus. A report on the colloquium was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and may be read online here.


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