On fire for research and a cure!


Helping others brings a sense of accomplishment and meaning to our lives. In volunteering for CARF, we also help ourselves by gaining a deeper understanding of our rare disease and moving CARF closer to finding better treatments and a cure. Another benefit of being a volunteer is that we learn new skills that impact other areas of our lives. And we make new friends and have fun along the way!

CARF is a grassroots organization that relies on committed, talented volunteers from around the world to perform a variety of tasks. Please contact CARF if you would like to share some of your talents to our organization.

We encourage you to join the CARF team and enjoy the rewards of a gratifying experience.

CARF needs assistance with:

  • Advocates willing to get involved in patient issues
  • Fundraising: soliciting funds, services, or donated items; organizing a local fundraiser
  • Graphic design: flyers, posters, invitations
  • Marketing
  • Newsletter: editorial help; share your story; share what products work for you
  • PR: writing and sending press releases and assisting with follow-up
  • Support group leaders
  • Video editing
  • Writing articles
  • Writing thank you notes

Please contact or call 310-801-3450 for more information.


CARF is the world's only voice for patients with cicatricial alopecia and we need your support. Please donate to CARF to support patients around the world impacted by scarring, inflammatory, permanent hair loss.

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