CARF has worked tirelessly to support and educate the scarring hair loss community throughout the pandemic.  We are continuing to make an impact, but we need your help to reach our $35,000 goal.  When CARF reaches that goal, we unlock a generous match of $35,000.  Will you #BeAMatchmaker so we can double your gift?

Created as part of the wider Giving Tuesday movement, the #CauseforHope Campaign is about bringing the scarring hair loss community together to listen, educate, advocate, and grow.  The “Cause for Hope” campaign is designed to empower individuals, companies, and donors to support CARF, and our efforts during COVID-19.  Help us reach our $35,000 goal by donating today and securing our $35,000 donor match!


CARF’s ability to pivot support and services during the pandemic to ensure high quality care for the scarring hair loss community has been our privilege.  We aim to provide a #CauseforHope through advocacy, information & referral, education, support and sense of community.

CARF lead the rare disease community in its quick response and ability to pivot during COVID-19.  Can you imagine what we could do in 2021 if you joined us?  Your gift can move a newly diagnosed patient from hopeless to a #CauseforHope.  There is HOPE and that hope is YOU!  Join us!

800+ People viewed  CARF Physician Referral

CARF continually updates and edits our list of dermatologists who specialize in scarring hair loss to ensure members have access to quality doctors across the US and around the world.

203 Scarring Hair Loss Support Group Members

CARF created additional support groups across the United States and abroad to protect the scarring hair loss community’s ability to engage, create bonds and provide hope to each other.

14K Views for In The Know Webinar Series

This free series offers members the opportunity to learn about scarring hair loss, the mind body connection and scarring alopecia and COVID-19 by two leading scarring hair loss experts.

7K Downloads of the quarterly newsletter

CARF knows the importance of providing updated and relevant information to our members.   Our Quarterly Newsletter provides the most up-to-date scientific research, connection opportunities, product recommendations and so much more.  Now more than ever, the newsletter has become a lifeline to our members.


The 3X Challenge is a peer-to-peer fundraising challenge to encourage the scarring hair loss community to engage your network to give back, and triple your impact in support of CARF.

RAISE $100+

Host a virtual fundraiser on your personal Facebook page or other social platform of your choice with a goal of raising $100 or more to benefit the scarring hair loss community through CARF.  When your fundraiser ends, send your donation to CARF.  This donation supports a #CauseforHope for the scarring hair loss community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Motivate at least 1 other person to host a virtual fundraiser, continuing the cycle of giving. Your role of engaging others increases your impact.


Contact your employer to see if they will match your gift. When your fundraiser ends, send your donation to CARF. This donation supports a #CauseforHope for the scarring hair loss community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our efforts have supported thousands in the scarring hair loss community throughout the pandemic.  COVID-19 has created many obstacles and unforeseen challenges in 2020.  CARF has embraced this as an opportunity to increase our outreach in significant and impactful ways.  Our ability to pivot and provide meaningful connections, support and educational opportunities to our community is what CARF is all about.  We encourage all who are able to give, to do so now to help CARF continue to do so now so CARF can continue to help during these unprecedented times and beyond.