National Scarring Alopecia Awareness Month:

Educate, Research, Support and Advocate

This September, CARF is committed to increasing public awareness about scarring hair loss. As the only patient advocacy organization solely dedicated to scarring hair loss, we’ve designated this month as National Scarring Alopecia Awareness Month. Through education, research, support, and advocacy, CARF is determined to bring attention to this hair disorder and the impact this disease has on patients. Greater recognition and attention will lead to more research to find the cause, better treatments, and, someday, a cure. We are working hard this month to spotlight this disease. Will you join us?


Let’s Educate

Help us educate other patients, hair stylists, and healthcare providers to learn more about scarring hair loss.

Let’s Support

Let everyone know that patients are not alone.  They are supported by CARF staff, support groups, and other knowledgeable patients, who are experienced in living with this diagnosis.

Let’s Advocate

Join us in calling on members of government to recognize scarring hair loss as a growing epidemic and designate funding for research.

30 FOR 30: Member Stories

When living with a rare disease, it is comforting to know that you are not alone. Each person’s journey with scarring hair loss is unique to them. Learn, be inspired, and get to know others through the connections at CARF.

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Scarring Hair Loss Types

Learn about the various types of scarring hair loss, its symptoms, potential causes, diagnosis and treatment options

Physician Referral

CARF’s Physician List is comprised of dermatologists who specialize in scarring hair loss. They are members of well-recognized hair associations and have treated CARF members.

Facts for Hair Stylists

Hairstylists play an important role in the care and recognition of scarring hair loss.

Scarring Hair Loss: A layman’s video on disease basics, coronavirus, and the connection between your mind & body

There is so much to learn about scarring hair loss. Drs. Maryanne Senna and Jeff Donovan partnered with CARF to provide layman’s webinars to empower patients with knowledge and facts for better understanding.

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Thank You!  With your donation, #LetsGetVisible will help the scarring hair loss community find the life-changing education, support, advocacy and research they need.  Donate today and together we will get there even faster!


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